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Beni Master German original device to enlarge the male

Penisaster Pro

It is the first German organ of its kind

Does not cause any pain at all and completely free of side effects,

It does not contain a silicon bar

Which causes pain in the penis as other organs

But a plastic plastic belt that pulls the member

Tightly and completely free of pain.

Penis enlargement device:

Penis enlargement device is the only medical tool

Which had been approved by the European Union Health Service

The Ministry of Health in Germany and most European countries.

The mechanism of operation of the organ enlargement device is based on the principle of tensile operation,

A method that urges the human body to react naturally due to the use of physical force.

Tissue cells respond to their numbers and gradually increase the size of the tissue.

Side effects:

There is no .


The use of the device stimulates the growth of column tissues

Penis due to adaptation to the tensile process studied,

This means:

1 - the emergence of permanent elongation of the penis ranges

Between 3-5 cm during erection and relaxation.

2 - increase of 1 cm in the thickness (circumference) of the penis

During erection and relaxation.

3. This increase in height and thickness is permanent

4 - This tool is worn during the period of relaxation for a while

Ranging from 4 to 9 hours a day

(Not continuous and can take rest if necessary)

In order to achieve a cumulative growth of 0.5 (half) cm per month.

5 - Wear the device for a period of time

Between 4 and 6 months depending on the size of growth to be achieved

(as you like) .

The increase will continue to be life-long.

6. In addition, this tool is investigating

Correction of 70% for deviations

Or penis curvature.

Treatment of curvature should last from 6-8 months.

Uses of the device:

Extend the penis by more than 5 centimeters

2 - increase the thickness of the penis by 1 - 2.5 centimeters.

3 - repair the defects of warp penis.

What distinguishes this device is that the increase in length

The thickness of the penis will be permanent.

Penis Enlargement Device: Male Zoom (Male)

Penis enlargement device increases volume

(Length, ocean or fish)

Through the use of tensile principle which is used

Now in modern medicine (to generate new tissue).

Based on the external tensile principle the tool is designed or

Penis enlargement device to be enforced

Gradual lift (growth of penis) due to response capacity

In tissues by increasing the number of cells

When subjected to continuous force of tension).

The device consists of a plastic ring that inserts the penis

It has two rods

Two dynamic metals inside the springs produce the tensile process.

At the top is a plastic pillar where

A tape holds the member in place

So that the tensile process and drag.

Peni-Master penis enlargement device

Suitable for every man and every member.

More about Peni-Master:

The device can be used every hour of the day,

Work, at home, according to your own time.

Quantity of instrument usage hours and pressure quantity,

Affect the outcome of treatment.

No need to use the device for unlimited time

In order to obtain results.

4-6 months of the correct use, you are required,

Average height of 3-5 cm and 2 cm with the penis axis.

A sudden interruption of the use of the device does not lead to

With the results, the results reached remain.

The device is made of high quality medical materials

And much better than other devices

Significantly, here is the difference between German industry and others

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