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Ring vibrator

The pair wears it easily and simply

It delivers the sensations of the vibrating ring that vibrate with vigor and activity for both parties

The Vibrator ring contains a distinctive special part specially designed to help

Foreplay to get the required alahassis

It is specially designed to re - energize and stimulate the sensitive area of ​​male and female.

It may be the solution for those who see it or sometimes see the idea of ​​getting a sexual cold to allow God

A new movement and sweet wife can surprise her husband to break the boring routine, and vice versa.

Description Vibrating ring

- Small vibrator (vibrator motor) provides continuous vibrations

) - elastic ring of gel) Ring ring of the gel is flexible and expandable suitable for all sizes to help the delivery of vibrations

- (On / Off key) There is a small key to control the turning on and off of vibrations from the ring

You control a bit and it is designed with a smart way that prevents it from running automatically and thus ensures no consumption

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