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Chemical device - keme

The latest device to increase height and treat short stature in 6 months

The best and the smallest device to increase the length

Tall, for ages 10 to 35 years

For males and females

Experienced and successful worldwide since 2007 in Saudi Arabia and proved successful


the details :

According to reports from Kyoto University, the doctor discovered

A Kawata who devotes himself to human growth research,

That human length is not necessarily determined

And exclusively the genetic work alone.

It is strongly influenced by the effects of some hormones around

Development of cartilaginous parts of bones Monday

Sixty at the bottom of the body plus 24 bones

Independent and movable form the backbone

Physical therapy is by reflexive foot massage

(Reflexology) which was designed

By computer and follows the concepts of human engineering,

It turns out to raise the nerve points in the foot effectively

Which in turn alert the pituitary to produce

Increased growth hormone is a growing hormonal growth

Larger of the cartilaginous parts of the bones at the bottom of the body

Causing the increase in height.

Scientific research has also shown that it can be most intense

Adults can acquire some incisions to increase height,

Even after bone growth is completed at the bottom of the body

(Commonly known as bone plate fusion).

In addition to the length of the bones of the thighs

And the bones of the legs and other bones at the bottom of the body,

The length of the spine at the top of the body contributes significantly to the height of the human body

(About 35% of the total length).

The human spine consists of 33 bones

Separate are defined as the paragraphs that bond together through the ligament

(Solid and fibrous texture) out of these thirty-three paragraphs,

Only the nine most lower paragraphs combine to form together

Non-moving bones,

While both the deficit and the sneeze constitute the so-called basin.

The remaining 24 are the remaining paragraphs

Permanently moveable and therefore, will never fit together.

These twenty-four paragraphs consist of cervical vertebrae

The seven (neck) and thoracic vertebrae (behind the chest)

And lumbar vertebrae.

The cartilage fillings, called disks, are located between these vertebrae.

The thickness of the disks determines the length of the spine

Which directly affects the height of the stature.

Where there are 25 tablets and contribute together the length of 25%

Of the total height.

And since these discs are cartilage non-docking,

Thus, it can continuously increase thickness under influence

Growth hormones during life. The more thickness of these disks,

The length of the spine increased and the height increased.

If the thickness of each disc is only 0.25 cm (0.1 inch),

Your height will increase as follows:

0.25 cm multiply 25 tablets = 6.25 cm (2.5 inches)

Hundreds of scientific experiments have shown that growth hormones are growing

Which is caused by physical therapy with reflex massage

(Reflexology) will encourage a lot

The growth of the disc segment of the vertebrae

(Those twenty-five disks) and thus,

Increase the length of the spine

Making it easier to grow even after the lower bones are joined.

For those whose lower bones are not fully bound,

Will encourage physical therapy

Reflexology Massage

On bone growth at the bottom and upper body

Which helps the user to achieve greater results

(More than 3.5 inches),

The sooner you follow this treatment, the more chances of success

And effectiveness of the results.

How to use physical therapy by massage


How to use :

- Simply put more parts of the inner sole of the alarm clock

Opposite the concave part of the foot

Cut the extra part of the rabbits along the nearest

A dotted line that fits your foot perfectly.

- Walk at moderate speed for at least 20 to 30 minutes

Twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening

Before immortality to sleep during the first three weeks of

Using Reflexology

With an aerobics procedure attached, then you can

Use it at any time whether morning

Or at least once a day

And for a minimum of 20 minutes walking moderate speed,

The need to stimulate the soles of the foot should be emphasized

The best result and the fastest effect.

- The result of physical therapy is proportional to reflexology.

Frequency and duration of use.

It should be used (3-6) months.

It can be used anywhere, anytime after

The first three weeks of use.

Important Notes:

- During the first stages of this treatment,

You may not be familiar with the sensation or you may experience mild pain.

In these cases, it is recommended that the application table be

More flexible and adaptable to do so.

- When following the treatment of massage (Reflexology),

The usual activities may be continued

Sports activities are encouraged

(Calming and playing basketball and flexibility exercises).

- Pay attention to your food needs in particular

The amount of protein, fiber and vitamins. It is also recommended to eat

Food such as fish, unsaturated meat, vegetables and milk.

- To ensure a better result is advised to use


Without socks, or using very light socks.

- Do not forget to get plenty of sleep

(7-8 hours per day).

If you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure,

Please consult your doctor before undergoing this treatment.

What are the other benefits of physiotherapy in reflexology?

Other results demonstrated by scientific experimenters are reflected in the results

And stunning effects

To stimulate the nerve fulcrum

By following this treatment at the bottom of the foot in case

Suffering from satisfactory disorders.

Using the concepts of natural foot massage and massage,

This treatment (Reflexology) also provides:

- Weight Loss

- Burn fat

- Increases metabolism

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