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It is the first German machine of its kind that does not cause any pain at all and is completely free of side effects. It does not contain the silicone tape that causes pain in the penis like other organs. It has a plastic plastic belt that tightens the member tightly and completely free of pain.

Penis Enlargement Device:

The penis enlargement device is the only medical device approved by the Health Department of the European Union and the Ministry of Health in Germany and most European countries. The mechanism of organ augmentation is based on the principle of tensile strength, a method that urges the human body to react naturally due to the use of physical strength. Tissue cells respond to their numbers and gradually increase the size of the tissue. This principle and idea is used by some local tribes in Africa and the Far East to increase the size of the ear nipple, lips, nose and lengthening the neck.

** Based on clinical clinical trials, the tensile tool generates the following results:

Increase penis length and diameter during erection

Penile enlargement during erections is relatively related to the time period in which the device is used (the longer the person uses the instrument, the greater the length of the penis).

Increase the penis length and diameter during relaxation

Age: Increasing the length of the organ does not depend on the age of the person because the tests proved that the age of the patient does not affect the results and does not represent an obstacle to use.

The increase in penis size is permanent and does not disappear when the device is finished.

A person can easily wear and remove this tool, and because of its small size and comfort it can walk, sit or stand while wearing it at home or at work. They are also not noticeable under garments for their small size.

** Side effects:

There is no .


The use of the device to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the column of the penis due to adaptation to the tensile process studied, which means:

1 - the appearance of permanent elongation of the penis ranging from 3-5 cm during erection and relaxation.

2. An increase of 1 cm in the thickness (circumference) of the penis during erection and relaxation.

3. This increase in height and fish is permanent

4 - This tool is worn during the period of relaxation for 4 to 9 hours a day (not continuous and can take rest if necessary) to achieve a cumulative growth of 0.5 (half) cm per month.

5 - Wear the device for a period of 4 to 6 months depending on the size of growth to be achieved (as desired). The increase will continue to be life-long.

6. In addition, this tool achieves a 70% correction for penis incisions or curves. Treatment of curvature should last from 6-8 months.

## The device is made of medical materials of high quality and much better than other devices and significantly, and here shows the German industry teams from the other

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