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Device information

How it works

The tightening force on the penis is gradually increased during continuous periods of use. Tensile strength should be directed at the axis of the penis. This tension generates a response to adaptation in the penis tissues and leads to an increase in the number of cells (enlarge the size of the penis taller and thicker), which means the following effects appear:

At the exact level:

Increase in the total number of penis cells (increase penis size)

At the macro level:

A permanent increase in total penis length in erection and relaxation.

A permanent increase in penis diameter in erection and relaxation.

Erectile dysfunction and sexual performance are not adversely affected and no relaxation occurs.


Without surgery:

Increase penis size without surgery.

Correction of curvature (deformity, deviation) of the penis without surgery.

Treatment of pyronic disease or fibrosis of the penis leading to the emergence of deviations and atrophy.

With surgery:

After surgery to prolong penis phalloplasty.

After the surgery used to reshape the penis (Peroni disease) in order to reduce the complications and to improve the results.

After surgery you need to avoid contraction and penis atrophy.


The device should not be used in the event of infections and injuries in the penis or adjacent areas where these injuries must be treated and fully cured before using the device.

ide effects

There is no


The use of the device to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the column of the penis due to adaptation to the tensile process studied, which means:

The appearance of permanent elongation of the penis ranges from 3-5 cm during erection and relaxation.

An increase of 1 cm in the thickness (circumference) of the penis during erection and relaxation.

This increase in height and fish is permanent

This tool is worn during the relaxation period of 4 to 9 hours a day (not continuous and can be rest if necessary) to achieve a cumulative growth of 0.5 (half) cm per month.

The device should be worn for a period of 4 to 6 months depending on the size of the growth to be achieved (as desired). The increase will continue to be life-long.

In addition, this tool achieves a 70% correction for penis incisions or curves. Treatment of curvature should last from 6-8 months.

Certificates of health departments and ministries

Penis Enlargement Device is the only medical device approved by the Department of Health in all EU countries, the US Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health in Canada and Australia and several Western, Eastern and Arab countries. Its production is subject to EU standards through the use of high-quality medical materials that can be used in direct contact with human skin and mucous tissue. This tool is classified as a type 1 medical instrument (ie, does not require doctor approval and can be sold and sold without a prescription) and is therefore a CE mark for medical devices of type I.

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