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Now the German Shepherd Sheep is a summary of old and modern medical recipes for men

It works on:

** Strengthen the sex

** Increase semen

** Maintain natural strength

** Delay early dismissal

** Fatigue fatigue when ejaculation

** Gives the power to practice more than once at a time

Ingredients (herbal labels)

Wild black ants, large bouquets, moorings, gordenges, horny camels, deer blood, deer whip, red ginseng

Sinomorium, Acunit root, cinnamon and Chinese orchid fruits

Chinese breakfasts, Pilgrims, saffron and jinns of Tibet

And dozens of other kinds of traditional Chinese medicines

How to use:

Love before intercourse with the hour with hot water and in case of increasing the duration more than usual drink cold water

There are two types of 6 grains and 10 grains

The single pill lasts for up to 180 hours


The strength of the product is not recommended to take with any other medication for sex

It is not to be used on heart patients and patients with hypertension

German technical product of German Bell Company for Bioinformatics Technology and Production of Jinbel Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

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