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Sexual arousal of men. To achieve a distinctive fertility fertile.

For treatment:

• Infertility or infertility.

• ED.

• Placental ejaculation of a small number of semen with a small number of sperm and abnormal.

• Penile erectile dysfunction.

• Shorten the period of sexual intercourse.

• Feeling stressed after intercourse.

Take one capsule before intercourse

One hour with a glass of water is:

Sexually stimulating drug.

- Highly recommended for healthy looking skinny

In developing their pattern of physical activity.

- Recommended for the elderly when suffering from impotence.

- Treatment for erectile dysfunction

And the speed of loss by promoting blood circulation in the penis.

- Treatment of sluggish ejaculation of immature sperm.

- To prolong the erection and slow ejaculation.

- To increase fertility by enhancing the vitality and quantity of sperm.

- To support sexual pleasure and orgasm by increasing sensitivity.

- To repeat intercourse with a better shake.

- Extensive vitality without feeling tired after intercourse.

- To strengthen the immune system. To prevent wasting the body and strengthen its structure.

Ingredients :

Each capsule contains:

Yurikoma Longifolia Root Extract (Tonket Ali) 250 mg

Ginseng root extract of 200 mg


Tonkat Ali Power Plus, a product free from any chemical compounds.

Take one capsule before intercourse for one hour with a glass of water.

How it works :

Sexual desire begins in men as a result of arousing certain sensations, including consideration,

Smell, touch and taste stimulate the axis under the optical bed?

Pituitary gland - testicular due to the activation of male hormone and the creation of its derivative

Effective. This leads to the activity and erection of the penis as a result of activities

Special enzymes activate the relaxation of penile tissue and the expansion of blood vessels

To supply it with excess blood.

Hormones increase sensation in the area and sustain erections while providing

And the production of sperm for fertilization.

Our product is described as TonTec Ali Power Plus for young people who suffer from speed

Ejaculation and wants to develop sexual activity

The elderly have less sexual ability to make life more joyful and vital

The pack contains 10 capsules

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