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Asda will not be shy after today with the capsules of Angui Abu Assad


 Composed of 100% natural herbs, they are a group of herbs in body capsules

Lead to overcoming the problems of premature ejaculation and prolong the time of intercourse without reference to

Organic paints. As they increase the time of enjoyment between spouses (especially for whom

Suffering from premature ejaculation problems).

Ingoe capsules also increase erectile strength and enlarge and inflate the penis

Fast, safe and effective, it also has the actual effect of improving libido.

An Anguie composite can be used for all ages from 18 to 75 years, as well

Patients with complications of diabetes as well as prostate problems, also

It is safe for heart and pressure patients.

# How to use:

Take one capsule before intercourse for an hour.

# Cautions and side effects:

There were no symptoms or side effects, and there were no caveats about the use of an enzyme capsule. It was safe and effective and no failures were reported.

The package contains 6 capsules

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