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The most powerful and ideal treatment is Junith Health for the treatment of chronic arthritis

Joint Health

The producer of Nofa International Co. Ltd.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

It is recommended by all physicians for each procedure

Cruciate ligament

And any operation in any of the joints of the body

It helps to heal quickly

Of the infection and the effects of the process thanks to contain it

High concentrations of glucosamine with a high concentration of 1500 mg

Not available in any other product

It is the basic substance in the treatment of cartilage and joints.

**an introduction:

The disease of rheumatoid arthritis affects

On the integrity of joints in the human body

These joints become arthritic and the surrounding bone grows

With the joint towards the joint leading

To cause complete damage to the joint and thus total disability.

Arthritis was classified as an eighth

Globally in people with total disability.

It is due to aging as well as weight due to weight

A disease that affects women more than men.

** Methods of Treatment:

Surgical operations have made remarkable advances in treatment

This type of joint disease,

As well as submitted research and long studies over the years

To a combination of herbs

Natural treatment of arthritis

It rebuilds cartilage and produces viscous material in the joints

And maintain the health of the joints as a preventive treatment before falling

In great harm.

This combination is known as Joint Health.

HealthHealth is a unique combination to contain

Glucosamine sulfate (1500mg) for better performance of joints.

* Kondroitin sulfate (1200mg) provides flexible pad joints.

* (1000g) M.S.M does the work of vessels that do not usually exist


* This combination increases the flexibility and strength of joints and ligaments.

* Reconstruct cartilage and produce viscous material for joints.

* Effective for back pain, joints and muscles.

** How to use:

A pill is taken every 12 hours a day, and in cases of adult infections

Be taken every six hours.

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